Friday, 30 September 2011

punk rock princess

Taking on the persona of a suburbanite teenager in America rebelling against white picket fences and lunch room hierarchy. Don't be surprised if you see me sitting under the bleachers with Daniel Desario, grabbing a slushie with Jason Dean or hanging out in Jordan Catalano's red car. It's full on 'Enema of State' 1999 and I'm eating a cheeseburger while these greasy skater boys try and grind the railings. In the evening I head out to some party in the warehouse district, it's some Millennium pop send-up but there's a keg so we try and drown out the music with the sound of our boots on the concrete floor, don't wait up ma'. 

wearing: leather jacket from Cheapskate Chic, quartz necklace from teen years, tennis skirt from Traffic People outlet, wing-tip Doc Martens from Etsy & customized 'Cult of The Dead' tee from Blood is The New Black. fyi: they are currently offering 30% off everything, follow them on twitter bro. 

Thursday, 29 September 2011


Goosebumps, along with Point Horror and Stephen King dominated my library card loans aged 10. I had an adoration of the 'Horror' genre from a young age, I'd watch films like 'The Lost Boys' (1987) and 'Nightmare on Elm Street' (1984) or black comedies like 'Serial Mom' (1994) and 'The Burbs' (1989). I would stay up with my friend watching them whilst eating sugar cubes until morning. These elements inspired my outfit yesterday. The acidic colours of Goosebumps covers remind me of Halloween candy and make me wish I had a sticky slime necklace or Goosebumps slap bracelet.

I like the stories of R. L Stine, not because they are executed amazingly or are challenging to read at twenty-two, but because they merge elements of horror with the cartoon, it's the slapstick of children's horror fiction. I've been re-reading a few of my favourites and have enjoyed the adjective-heavy prose and deep sentences which flow on like existential poetry. The covers reminded me of the skeleton print fabric I'd had sitting on my floor unused. Felt it necessary to make a bewb cover with it. The fabric also ties in with the video games 'Maniac Mansion'and 'Grim Fandango' by Lucas Arts graphic art.

The leather jacket is an iconic piece was chosen as reference to the film 'The Lost Boys'. A leather jacket traditionally signifies a tough character but the metalwork and corset back 'femme up' the piece which makes it tie in with the rest of the outfit.

The bloomers and diaper safety pin bring a fetish element, or a childish one. I imagine Carrie covered in pigs blood in her prom dress or the Lisbon Sister's handmade dresses for their first and only date. It is this element of innocence combined with sinister that I wanted to play up. I know these aren't full body shots, but I took these with a Macro lens.

I won't bore you with a long essay on the significance of purity and virginity within Horror films today, but I warn you it could be written very soon. Thinking about all this horror is getting me pumped for Halloween - maybe I'll cast some spells or whip out the ouija board. Also, please let me know what your thinking so far of Side Quest!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Two years ago I wrote my first introduction post; it was uncertain, unfocused and overly cute. This obsession with 'cuteness' dominated my entire concept for both my fashion blog and my personal style. I wanted to understand fashion from a perspective other than my own, I was inspired by others and became oh so quaint and whimsical. I felt by attaching myself to this sweetness it would purge my rough edges and shake my past life/style as an alt-teen. Aged by three years since Silence Sweetheart's creation, I feel like we've worn each other out. While the sweet streak is now an intrinsic part of my style, I am embracing all those gritty bits with a smile; the kinks don't need to work themselves out, just onward. 

I knew little about fashion and style when I began writing, I learned more as my pastime became a passion but always felt unworthy of critically discussing something I was not well versed on. I don't feel 'worthy' now, the difference is - I don't care. While retaining some secrecy, the same two years I have spent on Silence Sweetheart have also been the most difficult, challenging and worst years of my life. I can appreciate the work I put into every post, yet they are also tainted. For this reason and more, Side Quest will be a new beginning.

Side Quest, borrowed from my love of video games, refers to the deviation from the main plot to pursue a goal which isn't essential to the completion of the game, but can be rewarding. I am confident you will see the connection I am making here. Furthermore, I am excited to expand my topics beyond fashion & style! I plan on unabashedly providing commentary on things like the significance of costume within Takeshi Kitano's 'Dolls' (2002) or critically analyzing the existential moments within Goosebumps novels, examining the links between each Meadham Kirchhoff collection, delving deep into essence of teenage girlhood, recommending music to daydream to and various things like that...

If this sounds like something you could get into, follow away, but with the positive vibes I'm feeling about this new adventure, I'm content on indulging myself, I really am.

Sarah Deetz xo