Tuesday, 4 October 2011


This indian summer we're having has rekindled my love for tennis-wear and trainers. With the 90's still the popular 'vintage' of choice, I've picked a selection of items which nod to sportswear, kitsch and 90's/Millennium style. Consider this a 'Trend Alert' for the tumblr generation.   

I figure most these items would look super together, my brain is going wild over all the different combinations. Imagine the glitter trainers with the silvers shirt and python print skort? That'd be real cute. The key to perfecting this eclectic 2000's revival are prints, metallic's and visible brand emblems. Fusing urban street style, vintage tennis dresses and bubblegum girl power pieces like buffalo boots and a-line skirts. Cute without being too twee, but nobody will mind if you tune into Hazel's sweet playlist's and go grab a cheeseburger.
Listen here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

Sheer 90's Tee D4NED33P, Samurai crop top from D4NED33P, Denim Sunflower Sneakers from jjaann, Pastel pink tennis shoe from nickandnessies, Floral Keds from foolproofed, Gold lace up sneakers from centerstagevintage, Nike Diablo lilac tennis shoe from nickandnessies, Reebok hiking boots from drowsy swords, Metallic silver shirt, Adidas tennis dress from thelittlebluecottage, Snakeskin skort from NakedVintage, Fred Perry tennis skirt from ladykitschener, 1960's tennis dress from AgeOldThreads, Buffalo glitter trainers from soulvamist, Drop waist mini dress from TransformedVintage, Adidas bag from PortugueseVintage


  1. I just totally walked around the last part of the summer in a 70s getup. Oh man, I've been flailing over tennis skirts so bad for these past years and was super psyched to see the perfect tennis skirt and a matching 70s shirt hanging in my local goodwill :D.

    I want that reebok tennis skirt so bad (pleats!), but now I also need a super short tennis dress too please.

  2. I totally meant I was walking around in a 70s tennis getup. I wanted to post it but I've been so lazyyyy

  3. Did you buy the glitter trainers??? If so, I'm looking to that outfit post like mad!!

  4. holy sheet frothy. you're always onto it

  5. i am so tempted just to buy a bunch of tennis clothes to wear around - the dropped waistline is so perfect

    actually i will