Saturday, 3 December 2011


This wouldn't be another one of those obsessive Y2K posts without slamming some words down on the alien-babe capital of Maria Deluca from Roswell. In case you missed out on this prime slice of millennium high school drama then just imagine it like My So Called Life -  but with more aliens. Extra terrestrial's were totally the 'tormented vampires' of the early 2000's.

Maria Deluca was the 'quirky' side kick to the beige girl next door Liz Parker. Together they worked in the 'Crashdown Cafe' in possibly one of the best waitress get-ups of all time. Maria had a 'thing' where every episode her hair would be cut or styled differently. It didn't really give the character 'depth' but is an excellent advertisement for short hair styling tips. The outfits she wears throughout the first season have the inconsistency of any 'cool chick' camping out in New Mexico all year long.

In my original viewing of Roswell I was all over Liz and Max's relationship because all teenage girls love plots involving 'forbidden first love' in high school because it's much cuter than the reality of the actual kid you were into at whatever-teen. It's why you'll always prefer Angel to Spike at thirteen and vice versa when you indulge in Buffy re-runs again in your twenties.

Finally, the visuals in Roswell have far more substance than the various sub-plots of the show so it's real easy to reignite my love for Maria Deluca when it's paired with shots of bright orange desert with cloudless skies, dated alien paraphernalia and sexy computer programmes - side note: isn't the computer scene in Pretty in Pink just one of the most fantastically dated things ever? - Roswell is a total must see for this Y2K Bug I got's, yeah... I totally went there. 

Stills from screencap-paradise 
*This is the name of a song my band wrote when we were around thirteen - the lyrics went: "It's an alien invaaaasion, gonna wipe out this naaaation, so close your eyes and have paaaatience, 'coz it's an alien invaaaaaasion" - we were deep bro. 


  1. I love these stills! Definitely want to watch now.

    I was totally obsessed with aliens when I was around ten - and by obsessed I mean TERRIFIED OF THEM AND YET WOULD WATCH ANY ALIEN RELATED THING I COULD FIND. Unsolved Mysteries = the stuff of my actual nightmares.

  2. Oh my god, this is awesome. Can't believe I didn't watch it back when it was on!! I don't think we got that tv channel though. :(

  3. I've never heard of this =/ I feel like I've been living on Mars or something. hahaha. Oh god, I'm lame.

  4. Omg, I used to watch this. I had the whole series of books and was so obsessed I even video-taped each episode. Lol. x

  5. I want to watch this!!
    I used to decorate my bunk bed with glow in the dark spaceship stickers.
    And look for UFO's in the sky.

  6. I used to be so obsessed with this show! I was all over Maria's style, and had a totaly crush on Katharine Heighl :(

    I definitely had those glitter balls for my head too at some point in my life (so amazing).

  7. oh man, i had so much love for roswell. need to watch this again.