Thursday, 28 June 2012


I feel as though the format of TUMBLR primarily lends itself to the habit of framing the world around yourself. I wonder whether there are many users successfully resisting the temptation of slipping their existence into 'The Dashboard' stream of conciousness. 

My favourites, of course, are the teens that share every minutiae of their lives, ruthlessly presenting themselves somewhere between fact and fiction. I don't consider storytelling to be a distraction when reading or following a 'life-cast'. Narrative format rules, but underneath it all are glimpses of possible "girl" auteurs. 

Processing everything I consume would be much harder were it not for the handy 'PrtScn' key. The re-uploading part may be slightly obnoxious (If you care enough to look for saucers) but makes it easier for me to filter through. I'm at a "pretty significant" point in my life right now and I have no energy to primp and pose, flaccidity rose. 256GB of space remaining. 


  1. Tumblr consciousness is the future.

  2. it is such an amazing collage of amazing photos ♥