Monday, 17 June 2013

recovered mobile artifacts 06/13

june; documenting the average. observing change. exploring territories.
replenishing of supplies produces comfort and safe.
accumulation of "new" is exciting; unafraid of blank, ripping, untouched.
eager to keep surfing through mediums.    

frankenstein, mary shelley (reading, unread ~1997)
diary of a young girl, anne frank (not reading, read since ~1997)

anti-fragile, nassim nicholas taleb (skimming, arbitrary purchase at half off)
women artists, tachen (photocopied pages in library, good collection)

the mobile i carry holds a handful of numbers, these pictures, and is pretty vacant otherwise. there is something real sweet in the punched out whites in these. would like to have a collection of dated mobiles; affectionate favorites from eras i am no longer tangled within. limited capabilities. would like to "push" these capabilities. idiom: would like to "flog a dead horse". mysterious qualities in mobile phones that grazed my hands, time passed, but my knowledge of their qualities is an unfinished sentence.

enjoying fruit blended with ice, evolving seedlings into saplings, pokemon fusion is a blast, chartreuse foliage breaking outta the green game, wearing comfortable stuff that i can destroy without caring. doing things because i care. being real nice 2 myself. moisturizing.

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