Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Two years ago I wrote my first introduction post; it was uncertain, unfocused and overly cute. This obsession with 'cuteness' dominated my entire concept for both my fashion blog and my personal style. I wanted to understand fashion from a perspective other than my own, I was inspired by others and became oh so quaint and whimsical. I felt by attaching myself to this sweetness it would purge my rough edges and shake my past life/style as an alt-teen. Aged by three years since Silence Sweetheart's creation, I feel like we've worn each other out. While the sweet streak is now an intrinsic part of my style, I am embracing all those gritty bits with a smile; the kinks don't need to work themselves out, just onward. 

I knew little about fashion and style when I began writing, I learned more as my pastime became a passion but always felt unworthy of critically discussing something I was not well versed on. I don't feel 'worthy' now, the difference is - I don't care. While retaining some secrecy, the same two years I have spent on Silence Sweetheart have also been the most difficult, challenging and worst years of my life. I can appreciate the work I put into every post, yet they are also tainted. For this reason and more, Side Quest will be a new beginning.

Side Quest, borrowed from my love of video games, refers to the deviation from the main plot to pursue a goal which isn't essential to the completion of the game, but can be rewarding. I am confident you will see the connection I am making here. Furthermore, I am excited to expand my topics beyond fashion & style! I plan on unabashedly providing commentary on things like the significance of costume within Takeshi Kitano's 'Dolls' (2002) or critically analyzing the existential moments within Goosebumps novels, examining the links between each Meadham Kirchhoff collection, delving deep into essence of teenage girlhood, recommending music to daydream to and various things like that...

If this sounds like something you could get into, follow away, but with the positive vibes I'm feeling about this new adventure, I'm content on indulging myself, I really am.

Sarah Deetz xo


  1. So looking forward to where this blog leads you xo

  2. Good luck bird! delicious times ahead i'm sure x

  3. You're seriously ace. I love this already and I love your hair. LOVE!

  4. Your hair is so amazing. Love it.
    Super super pretty.

  5. Your hair is so pretty, I might just dye mine the same color!


  6. I understand so much! When I started, it was first because the inspiration of the others, right now I love to just do what i want and be who i am.

  7. You got an awsome blog!

  8. I love it, and am now following. Found you by way of Stella, BTW. You're a great writer and I dig it hard. Alt on.