Thursday, 29 September 2011


Goosebumps, along with Point Horror and Stephen King dominated my library card loans aged 10. I had an adoration of the 'Horror' genre from a young age, I'd watch films like 'The Lost Boys' (1987) and 'Nightmare on Elm Street' (1984) or black comedies like 'Serial Mom' (1994) and 'The Burbs' (1989). I would stay up with my friend watching them whilst eating sugar cubes until morning. These elements inspired my outfit yesterday. The acidic colours of Goosebumps covers remind me of Halloween candy and make me wish I had a sticky slime necklace or Goosebumps slap bracelet.

I like the stories of R. L Stine, not because they are executed amazingly or are challenging to read at twenty-two, but because they merge elements of horror with the cartoon, it's the slapstick of children's horror fiction. I've been re-reading a few of my favourites and have enjoyed the adjective-heavy prose and deep sentences which flow on like existential poetry. The covers reminded me of the skeleton print fabric I'd had sitting on my floor unused. Felt it necessary to make a bewb cover with it. The fabric also ties in with the video games 'Maniac Mansion'and 'Grim Fandango' by Lucas Arts graphic art.

The leather jacket is an iconic piece was chosen as reference to the film 'The Lost Boys'. A leather jacket traditionally signifies a tough character but the metalwork and corset back 'femme up' the piece which makes it tie in with the rest of the outfit.

The bloomers and diaper safety pin bring a fetish element, or a childish one. I imagine Carrie covered in pigs blood in her prom dress or the Lisbon Sister's handmade dresses for their first and only date. It is this element of innocence combined with sinister that I wanted to play up. I know these aren't full body shots, but I took these with a Macro lens.

I won't bore you with a long essay on the significance of purity and virginity within Horror films today, but I warn you it could be written very soon. Thinking about all this horror is getting me pumped for Halloween - maybe I'll cast some spells or whip out the ouija board. Also, please let me know what your thinking so far of Side Quest!


  1. Haha, those Goosebumps covers are fantastic!...and oh my god, don't get me thinking about snap bracelets again, been looking for some good ones for so long now!
    Great outfit as usual too, i can't imagine how amazing your Halloween costume will be. Wish there was a bloggers Halloween party!

  2. I hated goosebump novels so bad when I was young. I remember wanting to read actually captivating stories and so asking my peers about any cool books but all they ever recommended was, which made me disappointed in books since regarding literature that was all I'd ever seen because no one had pointed me in the direction I wanted to be directed in. (Do I remember a story correctly about a giant amoeba?) But I LOVED trashy horror movies! Loved is maybe even an understatement, even while capped.

    Recollecting aside, I love your outfit and I love that you describe your inspiration so intrinsic here. So, loving Side Quest for sure :D

  3. I love your outfit soo much - I also think it's really interested how you photographed it! I haven't actually read any of the Goosebump books, but I was always fascinated by the covers.

  4. Oh sigh, The Lost Boys, such a classic ! That hair pin is adorable, caught my eye in my blog feed and Im sure catches a lot of eyes on the street. And oh the memories, RL Stine is real fine literature..back in the day of course !

  5. SOOO GOOOD! I was really scared of Goosebumps when I was a kid, which is hilarious to think about now.

  6. mew!

  7. great inspiration! I love so much Nightmare on Elm Street!!